Last Email

This is a last email sent from rosanne@uber, on my last day, and the last day of Uber AI Labs, after 3.5 years.


This is the last email you’ll receive from rosanne@ — it’s nothing to be sad about, I still have many other email addresses.

Ok maybe something to be sad about: what a nice email, right? I never get rosanne@ anything, except when I was at a <10 person startup where I was undoubtedly the only rosanne, and when I came here.

But other than that nothing to be sad about. I had my best time here, did everything I wanted to do, tried my hardest to change things I wanted to change, even when they didn’t seem changeable, and most importantly, was proud every minute to be part of this team.

In 3 years and 5 months,
- I published 8 papers (ICLR x2, NeurIPS x4, ICML x1, IJCAI x1)
- grew a reading group to 512 members
- organized a symposium track all by myself
- built a team with Jason and established our own culture

and of course,
- got to know all of you.

Thanks to:
- Zoubin who sat next to me at NIPS 2015 and asked “what do you work on” and made me feel so special
- Ken who said to me I had potential to be a leader, and taught me to dream big
- Jeff who had always been warm to me and cheered for me, telling me to “dare greatly”
- Paul who started culture movements with me and showed me how to make changes actionable
- Joel, Eric, Piero, Martin, Eli, Theo, Molly and Hattie for being my friend, my strongest ally
- Jason, for everything: my best mentor, best friend, best person to work and laugh and fight with, and for genuinely trusting me and caring for me and helping me grow.

And everyone for being here with me, for tolerating how difficult I can be at times, and for simply being who you are.

I leave without regret, really, because of how hard I tried.

Goodbye for now but surely, you know where to find me.


I also tweeted it and received many sweet responses. Thank you all.