I Write ✍️

It probably doesn’t surprise you that I write.

On the technical front I write

On the artistic front I write poetic prose.

But the bulk of my writings are somewhere in between the two ends. I have

  • a Posts section on my website that you are reading now, which are mostly long announcements and life updates
  • a weekly-newsletter-like thing where I share a mix of professional and personal bits to my subscribers
  • an entire Wiki of an organization where I’ve put in 10,000 words already at this point
  • speaking of, most words on the website of the said organization
  • of course every single word on my own website
  • tweet threads that I am somewhat proud of (e.g. this one, this one, and this one. Ok too many, I’m starting a separate post on my favorite tweets 😂)

But this is far from a useful summary. You can’t just bury me with links Rosanne, be considerate of my time! You say.

Ok, got it. Here is where I would start if I were to get to know myself for the first time:

— getting to know me through writing, that is. Because I also have other media appearances that I can bury you with… alright, another day!